New Year’s Resolution 2021

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2020)

New Year 2021 Resolutions

It is a habit to set a New Year resolution in January. But as February sets in, we forget what we have resolved as have immersed in the flow of life. But if you are serious and committed towards goal-achievement and success, then New Year’s resolution is a great idea. 

1. Start a Meditation Practice.
2. Learn Something New Each Day.
3. Pick Up a Hobby.
4. Play More.
5. Write a Business Plan.
6. Read More Books.
7. Be More Grateful.
8. Stop Procrastinating.
9. Set Aside On-Hour-A-Day to Achieve Your Dreams.
10. Spend More Time In Nature.
11. Start Doing Planks Every Day.
12. Become More Confident.
13. Enjoy the Little Things.
14. Increase Your Charisma.
15. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
16. Increase Your IQ.
17. Learn a New Skill.
18. Bring More Peace Into Your Life.
19. Be Kinder to Yourself.
20. Create a Positive Attitude.
21. Strengthen Your Personal Relationship.
22. Tame Your Monkey Mind
23. Keep a Journal
24. Travel.
25. Start a Blog.

Choose a concrete, manageable idea 

Weight loss, healthy lifestyle, save money, and travel – these are all common ideas. Instead, dive into the Internet for crisp, unique New Year resolution 2021 ideas. You will be utterly amazed but don’t overdo with it. Choose only those that can be done quickly. Do not clog your planner with loads of ideas. Stick to two or three. You can add them later in the middle of the year as you achieve your pre-set resolutions. 

Resolve with fun

If you are a non-serious and fun-loving person, then add a pinch of excitement to your resolutions. Form New Year’s resolutions 2021 funny so that you won’t be stressed while coping with them. A funny resolution could be, ‘Stop being a damsel in distress.’ This will allow you to self-pity less and work more towards your goals. Or something like, ‘Instead of losing your mind, lose your weight, boy!’ It works! 

Tea for two – A resolution for two 

So, you feel complete only when you are with your significant other, then New Year’s resolutions for couples 2021 is the best idea. Discuss over a cup of tea, brainstorm, dump all your ideas, and write the best ones in a notebook. Maybe you want to travel together or build your future home; This method will work for you. 

Be self-motivated to achieve resolutions 

Do you know why only 8 percent of the people in the world can keep their resolutions? This is because they don’t take them seriously. This 8 percent of people write down their goals, choose only two or three goals as per their abilities, convert them into SMART goals, and set a specific course of action to accomplish them. New Year’s resolution 2021 quotes is a good idea to motivate yourself. You can even become a part of this 8 percent of people. Just seek motivation through these quotes throughout the year. Set the quotes as your mobile background or read each one of them daily. 

So, what is your New Year resolution 2021? Learn something new each day, and you will be an amazing year by the end of the year. 

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