rangoli kolam

Best Collections of Rangoli Kolam designs with dots Step by Step

Thai Pongal festival starts with Pogal Kolam(rankoli kolam). So we have listed here lots of collection of rankoli kolam designs with steps. Check out this kolam below, Rangoli Kolam: Rangoli…

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kaanum pongal

What is Kaanum Pongal? and why we are celebrating Pongal?

What is Kaanum Pongal? Kaanum Pongal is the fourth day of the Pongal festival; The word kaanum in Tamil meaning is “to visit”. Many families hold reunions and will cook…

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Pongal Kolam

Pongal Kolam Designs step by step – Rangoli Kolam

Pongal Kolam: Kolam also identified as Rangoli, made as a part of decorating the house with beautiful floor painting, which is an elemental part of South Indian tradition, represent the…

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bhogi pongal

Bhogi Pongal Festival reason and Ritual Celebrations of Bhogi

Bhogi Pongal: When January starting, celebration whole of Tamil Nadu people has started involving itself in the preparation of one of their most revered festivals- Pongal. Bhogi is a famous…

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mattu pongal

Thamizhar Mattu Pongal – Jallikattu Festival History, Images 2018

Mattu Pongal: Mattu Pongal is the third day of the four-day Thai Pongal festival. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is normally celebrated on January 15 but sometimes it is…

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Thai Pongal

Thamizhar Thai Pongal Festival History, Images 2019

How many days Pongal is celebrated? The Thai Pongal festival celebration is believed to be started more than 1000 years ago. Thai Pongal is a harvest festival which is celebrated…

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