Bhogi Pongal Festival reason and Ritual Celebrations of Bhogi

bhogi pongal
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Bhogi Pongal:

When January starting, celebration whole of Tamil Nadu people has started involving itself in the preparation of one of their most revered festivals- Pongal. Bhogi is a famous and prominent festival for Tamil(Generally called Thai Pongal) and Telugu peoples. It is most celebrated in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

According to the Tamil calendar, Bhogi celebrated at the last day of Maargazhi month. Pongal celebration started on the day one of Bhogi which represents people will discard their old things and thrown into a fire at the early morning of 2 – 3 clock at their front of the home. Behind the reason is of disposal of old things is where discarding old thoughts and habits of everything that and thus bringing in new fortune and prosperity in their lives.

The happiness of Celebration:

At starting of the day, Homes are cleaned and decorated with “Kolam” and the center of the kolam they put pumpkin flowers are set into cow-dung balls and placed among the patterns.

And then Pongal is started with this day, children and all family members are ready to celebrate Pongal festival with their family and relations. To bring happiness to the family, they wear new clothes and paint their homes.

bhogi pongal
bhogi pongal

Rituals of Bhogi:

People dispose old things on this day heading the starting of a new life. (pazhaiyana kazhinthu puthiyana puguthal – tamil).

Houses are cleaned and decorated with paint on this festival day, and also decorated with mango and neem leaves at the front door of house.

Women’s draws ‘kolam’ with newly picked from rice flour on the house front as per tamil cultures.

Pumpkin flowers and fresh cow dun placed in the center of kolam to decorate more these designs as well.

Farmers worship their plows and other types of equipment on this day. The instruments are smear with santhanam and kumkumam and offerings are made to the Sun God.

Bhogi is a ritual that is practiced here a bonfire is burned with cow dung cake, muttimul, other old items, clothes are sacrificed in this fire.

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