Pongal Kolam Designs step by step – Rangoli Kolam

Pongal Kolam
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Pongal Kolam:

Kolam also identified as Rangoli, made as a part of decorating the house with beautiful floor painting, which is an elemental part of South Indian tradition, represent the various aspects of the Pongal festival of Tamil Nadu. It is a beautiful art, drawn every day by women in the entrance house. It symbolizes beauty and provides a welcoming environment. People make colorful Pongal kolam designs at the entrance of their houses. Women’s will show their interest and talent by putting pongal kolam at entrance of home starting from Thai Pongal to keep home attractive.

Pongal Kolam
Pongal Kolam

Pongal is celebrated on Jan month (in Tamil calendar Thai month) and what’s special about it? Well, it’s a farmer harvest festival and to bring happiness people decorate their homes with Pongal kolams, make the sweet Pongal and with biting tasty sugarcanes and sharing traditional knowledge to children. To decorate your houses with these beautiful Pongal kolams during the festival and spread the happiness of celebration.

So these were the top Pongal kolam designs for you to try and decorate your house with this kolam. We surely hope you will try and decorate your house with this Pongal kolam.Let us know your thoughts below.

Pongal festival names in all states:

Festivals in India are not more than just holidays its an opportunity to bring happiness in the family. Being an agricultural country one festival is commonly celebrated across all states of India with the same time of year but different names.

Tamil people call it Pongal
Bengal people call it Makr Sankranti,
Punjab people call it Lohri,
Gujrat people call it Uttarayan

Pongal Kolam Step by Step:

Step 1:

17 – 3 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam

Step 2:

Put 17 dots in the center – 3 lines. Leave one dot at both ends and stop at 3

Step 3:

Join dots as shown above. Draw thick lines. Erase the remaining dots. Fill with desired color powders.

Step 4:

Finally you will get like this

Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs with dots:

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