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Valentine’s Day 2018 is just around the corner and we cannot keep calm. It’s the day to celebrate the eternal bond we share with our dearest ones. Remember how amazing your Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas were, that made your partner blush like the first meet? For creating your perfectly happy Valentine’s Day 2018 as well, you must have started planning every meticulous detail way in advance, beginning from cozy romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, valentine’s day quotes, valentine messages and of course Valentine’s day gifts. With just a few days to go, here we are helping to make your Valentine’s Day 2018 picture-perfect.

History of Valentine’s Day

We have all perhaps had dreams about celebrating a fairy-tale happy valentine’s day ever since the days of our first crushes. However, few of us are aware of the real history of valentine’s day. Valentine’s day originated in around 3rd century A.D. in ancient Rome where the Romans celebrated Lupercalia (feast of fertility) from February 13 to 14. The actual history of valentine’s day started a little later when the Catholic Church began the tradition of observing St. Valentine’s Day on February 14 in honor of the martyrdom of St. Valentine. You can find out more details about the history of valentine’s day on the internet. You can surprise your buddies with more such valentine’s day facts and trivia at the party this valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Nowadays, wishing happy valentine’s day is no more limited to our partners. This day has been such integral part of our life, that we express our love for our parents, family, siblings, and friends by wishing them happy valentine’s day through sharing special Valentine messages, heart-warming valentine images or presenting best valentine’s day gifts. Funny Valentine’s day quotes for friends are also ruling the trends these days. If this time you are looking forward to celebrating a uniquely happy valentine’s day, you may choose to spare some time for helping the people in real need for love this winter season. Love is in the air, share with some underprivileged kids and provide them with the warmth they need most.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day quotes

With your loved one, you can share beautiful love quotes by famous poets, authors or eminent personalities. A lot of sites like BrainyQuote, Pinterest, theholidayspot.com, wishesquotes.com and Goodreads offer the choicest lists of the most romantic valentine’s day quotes from the pages of literature. If your partner has an impeccable sense of humor, you can always put in a few funny valentine quotes or funny romantic quotes in a card or handwritten letter. To help the shy introverts unveil their hopeless romantic selves, several online apps and sites offer tips about romantic things to say on a date. For those who are married, among an endless list of valentines day ideas for couples or valentines day ideas for boyfriend/girlfriend, the best way to start your day might be to share some happy valentines day quotes for husband or wife with your dearest counterpart.

Valentine gifts for him

Valentine gifts for him
Valentine gifts for him

To find the perfect gifts, figuring out Valentines day ideas for him or her can be a prolonged process. Nevertheless, you are always willing to do anything to find that one gift that makes your partner feel like the luckiest person on the planet. It all depends on your partner’s secret choices that he or she has only shared with you. From watches, cuff-links, wallets/bags, shades, toiletries to books, pens, showpieces and even video games; online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal offer jaw-dropping discounts on all these items for men before valentines day. What more, their impressive user friendly interface even helps you choose the perfect valentine gifts for him or the classiest valentine’s day gifts for her as per your budget. Another simplest yet most heart-touching valentine gifts for him might be if you decide to go creative and make something all by yourself. It may be valentines day crafts or passionate valentines day poems. Endless DIY videos are available on YouTube to guide you. Surprise your partner with the best valentine gifts for him this valentine’s day 2018.

valentines day ideas

With countless sites, blogs, guide-books and shops at your aid, finding great valentines day ideas is a much easier task these days. The notions of valentines day ideas may differ from person to person, but one thing is common to all – that all of us eagerly wait to spend a magical day with our closest ones. Romantic valentines day ideas are just a click away on several dating and lifestyle sites like sheknows.com, askmen.com, thedatingdivas.com and of course Pinterest is always there. Those who are choosing to celebrate a cozy valentine’s day with your family, familylife.com can provide useful insights on valentines day ideas.

valentines day ideas
valentines day ideas

Valentine’s day gifts

For valentine’s day flowers, chocolates, cards and plush toys still rule the charts for being the most popular valentine’s day gifts. You can also choose to get other out of the box valentines day gifts ideas from popular listicles on Buzzfeed, HuffPost or Pinterest. As valentines day ideas for couples, couples’ watches or customized couple t-shirts, photo frames/table clocks or coffee mugs can also be good as cool valentine’s day gifts

Valentine gifts for him

Valentine’s day ideas for him

Not just gifts, but to plan a perfect day to surprise your man, you must be brainstorming now for unique valentines day ideas for him. In this digital age, the days of your worry has ended. Just type in your suitable personal valentines day ideas for him and get valuable insights on them. If you are in a new relationship and yet to know about his likes and choices, using this “valentines day ideas for him’’ as the search query only might be helpful as there are endless ideas for the perfect valentine’s day that can never go wrong.

valentine messages

Sharing sweet valentines day quotes and Valentine messages via Whatsapp, Messenger, Hike or any other texting app you both use, can start your valentines day in the most incredible way. If you are not much a person of words, different sites and even messaging apps come up with their special set of texts, quotes, gifs as sweetest valentine messages. However, do not forget to put in your own feelings in the Valentine messages you share to add to their appeal

Valentine images

Several sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash provide you with HD quality beautiful royalty free Valentine images for easy downloading and sharing. If you have a penchant for photography yourself, sharing your clicks of picturesque natural valentine images with a valentines day quotes, valentine’s day messages or poems can help the star of your life shine up with the brightest smile. You may also edit your pictures online on Pixlr, PicMonkey and other sites to put in more personal touch. A collage of previous valentine images spent with him/her is another fantastic option

Funny valentines day quotes

He or she makes you laugh always? You can now do the same by sharing witty and funny valentines day quotes. Just do a Google search for funny valentines day quotes and Pinterest, funnysayings.eu, thoughtco.com, redbookmag.com help you with the most popular ones. You may also share funny valentines day quotes with closest friends for sharing a hearty laugh. Trust me, amidst our stressful days, laughing is most important. So seek out the chance to laugh your heart out this valentines day 2018 with ridiculously funny valentine quotes or memes that flood social media. Funny Valentine quotes might be your thing if you belong to the equally cool Valentine-hating league.

Valentines day poems

Do both of you share a similar proclivity for poetry? Turn this valentine’s day more romantic by sharing or reading out valentines day poems over a candlelight or riverside date with your dream lover. Pablo Neruda, Keats, Shelley, John Donne, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou of modern times, all probably have enriched us with the best romantic poetry. Their poems can be read as valentines day poems. If you are someone who often writes a little bit of your own, then nothing can be better than personal valentines day poems exclusively penned for your dearest.

Valentines day quotes for friends

Newly single and not ready to mingle? There is no need to fret over the upcoming valentine’s day 2018. Maybe you are not in the mood for sharing romantic valentines day messages or quotes with anyone, but your friends are always constantly beside you giving you the most selfless love ever possible. How about you look up and skim out the best valentines day quotes for friends? Friendship is the purest form of love, keeping that in mind, you may write out your own personalized valentines day quotes for friends as well. If you have already made plans to chill out with your friends on valentines day, cracking a few jokes or funny valentines day quotes for friends will brighten up your evening.

Valentine’s day flowers

Valentine’s day is in the blooming season of spring with the vibrancy of nature rejoicing us. So, flower are never ever out of fashion as valentines day gifts. Choose your best colours and send a bouquet of valentine’s day flowers to your ladylove to greet her in the most elegant style. Buy special valentine’s day flowers from your local vendor or arrange from your own little garden. If you are in a long distance relationship, several sites like Winni, Ferns n Petals, city flowers help you to order and send valentine’s day flowers online.

Valentines day coloring pages

Valentines day coloring pages are a great way to unleash your inner child and bond over some fun with bright colors. You can get books or sets of romantic valentines day coloring pages online or from gift shop outlets. You can also download and print valentines day coloring pages from several online sites like Crayola.com, thebalance.com, coloring.ws.

Valentine’s day crafts

This idea of valentines day gifts has always been considered to be one of the most romantic gestures. With YouTube and Pinterest to help, making DIY valentine’s day crafts are now super easy. Social platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Behance also offer coolest and amazingly creative ideas for valentine’s day crafts. Create your own personalized valentine’s day crafts, add some cards or letters with it, and Voila! You have got the best gift to give.

Valentines day ideas for boyfriend

If you are in a long-term relationship, you must have plenty of Valentine’s day ideas for boyfriend. If not, several sites are there to aid you. Your boyfriend or husband would realize how lucky he is to have you if your Valentines day ideas for boyfriend constitute personalized messages, quotes, gifts and you know the secret wishes of his heart for the perfect way to spend valentines day according to him.

Romantic things to say

You can never run out of sweet romantic things to say with your partner. Try out the best romantic quotes and lines as romantic things to say to surprise him or her as they wake up to a beautiful February 14 morning. Social media platforms can be a good source to pick out the passionate romantic things to say.

Romantic valentines day ideas

An entire day out with your partner, a candlelight dinner, a party, a small afternoon picnic beside a river, a boat ride, an entire day of Netflix and chill at your home sweet home: all can contribute to romantic valentines day ideas depending on your personal choice. Either way, we are always there on the internet to suggest you more out-of-the-box romantic valentines day ideas. It is best opined that however both of you together choose to do on your day, is perhaps the most appealing of all the romantic valentines day ideas.

Valentines day clipart

Cutest valentines day clipart are available on numerous sites as the balance, hellasmultimedia or classroom clipart. You may add pretty valentines day clipart to design your digital cards. There is an endless availability of valentines day clipart and images all over the internet

Valentine’s day facts

Want to grab the limelight at the valentines party? Share some fun and interesting valentine’s day facts among all. Soft school is a trendy website that presents shareable valentine’s day facts to enhance your knowledge about this most celebrated day.

valentine’s day 2018 ideas

Did you spend an awesome valentines day in 2017 with the most creative ideas? Share your valentine’s day 2017 ideas to help out the new couples among your friends. You may remind your own partner of the memorable time you two spent last year all thanks to your prettiest valentine’s day 2017 ideas.


Wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day 2018 in advance from all of us.

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