Valentine’s Week List 2018 {Starts : 7th Feb 2018 Up to : 21st Feb 2018}

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Valentine’s Week List 2018

Starts: 7th February 2018

Up to: 21st February 2018

What is Valentine Week?

For the passionate lovers, the magical charm of Valentine’s Day on 14th February has been accentuated by the popular creation of an entire Valentine Week to celebrate the gradual stages of deep love to blossom. The week starts from 7th February with Rose Day & continues to Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, Valentines Day. After Valentine’s Day comes the Anti-Valentine Week for the not-so-happy couples with Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day & ending in Break Up Day.

Significance of each day

Rose Day –  February 7, Wednesday

Much before Shakespeare immortalized rose as the love symbol in his timeless Romeo & Juliet, the rose was proclaimed the favorite flower of Venus, the Greek Goddess of love. On Rose day, you are supposed to initiate your romance by gifting rose(s) to your dearest. Red is the globally preferred flower color for Rose Day         

Rose Day                                               

Propose Day – February 8, Thursday

On propose day, it is time for you to profess your love feelings to the special person. Propose day is all about two persons discovering the profound love for each other. Propose them in the perfect way to propose day.       

Propose Day                                                 

Chocolate Day- February 9, Friday

Chocolate is the sweetest expression of love for this generation. On Chocolate Day, gift your loved one their favorite sweet indulgence. The best chocolate brands come up with special Chocolate Day packs. You may also personalize a chocolate hamper on Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Day

Teddy Day- February 10, Saturday

Plush toys are a big favorite among lovers. The teddy you gift her on Teddy Day reminds her of your tender care all the time. Choose the softest, fuzziest teddy bear for this Teddy Day

Teddy Day  

Promise Day – February 11, Sunday

Promise Day is for making promises of commitment to strengthen your bond. Make this Promise Day special by giving your word to love him/her always   

Promise Day            

Kiss Day – February 12, Monday

Sharing the first kiss with someone is always the most intimate moment. On Kiss Day, solidify your love by sharing the sweetest kiss. You may make Kiss Day extraordinary by spending an entire day with your dearest one     

Kiss Day                                                          

Hug Day – February 13, Tuesday

Hug Day is all about cuddles. Warm up a cold February morning in the arms of your beloved on Hug Day         

Hug Day                                                                

Valentine’s Day – February 14, Wednesday

Valentine’s Day is the most important of the week. The small steps you took all week lead you to the Day of Love. Long-term couples may rediscover their undying love this Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day       

Slap Day – February 15, Thursday

If you find your boyfriend breaking your trust, you might use Slap Day to teach him a lesson. If someone is foolish enough to be unfaithful to his woman, he deserves a slap on Slap Day

Slap Day

Kick Day – February 16, Friday

Kick Day is supposed to kick him if he has wronged you in love. We don’t promote any violence, but if you are a woman being harassed by some stalker, you might choose Kick Day to give him the bitter medicine he needs

Kick Day

Perfume Day – February 17, Saturday

If it’s true love, one fight will not change your feelings for each other. On Perfume Day, gift them their favourite fragrance as a way to apologise or to win her love back. Perfume Day is perfect to rekindle the romance       

Perfume Day                                                            

Flirting Day – February 18, Sunday

This day is for the happy singles. On Flirting Day, share a small wink, a smile or any flirty gesture with someone you find attractive. Who knows, Flirting Day might find you your perfect someone.   

Flirting Day

Confession Day- February 19, Monday

The relationship is truly based on honesty. If you are hiding something from your partner, open up about it on Confession Day. If it’s true love, your partner who is also your best friend will accept your secret on Confession Day

Confession Day

Missing Day – February 20, Tuesday

When away from our closest one, we tend to miss them a lot. Missing Day is for telling them how much you miss them. Make Missing Day special by planning a surprise visit perhaps

Missing Day

Break-up Day – February 21, Wednesday

Unfortunately, some relationships do have to end for better reasons. Break-up Day is meant for breaking up with someone. If you are happily in love, ignore Break Up Day of course

Break-up Day

                                           Wish all of you a great Valentines Week 2018

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